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5-Jan-2018Structural and functional dissection reveals distinct roles of Ca2+-binding sites in the giant adhesin SiiE of Salmonella entericaPeters, Britta; Stein, Johanna; Klingl, Stefan; Sander, Nathalie; Sandmann, Achim; Taccardi, Niccola; Sticht, Heinrich; Gerlach, Roman G.; Muller, Yves A.; Hensel, Michael
5-Jan-2018The role of the two-component systems Cpx and Arc in protein alterations upon gentamicin treatment in Escherichia coliCudic, Emina; Surmann, Kristin; Panasia, Gianna; Hammer, Elke; Hunke, Sabine
30-Apr-2018Structural parameters of dimethyl sulfoxide, DMSO, at 100 K, based on a redetermination by use of high- quality single-crystal X-ray dataReuter, Hans
13-Jun-2005Elektrophysiologische Charakterisierung des Proteinimports an der inneren MitochondrienmembranKovermann, Peter Alexander
26-Jul-2016The Crystal Structure of the C-Terminal Domain of the Salmonella enterica PduO Protein: An Old Fold with a New Heme-Binding ModeOrtiz de Orué Lucana, Dario; Hickey, Neal; Hensel, Michael; Klare, Johann P.; Geremia, Silvano; Tiufiakova, Tatiana; Torda, Andrew E.
13-Feb-2017Signaling pathways and posttranslational modifications of tau in Alzheimer’s disease: the humanization of yeast cellsHeinisch, Jürgen; Brandt, Roland
27-Jul-2016The N-Terminus of the Floral Arabidopsis TGA Transcription Factor PERIANTHIA Mediates Redox-Sensitive DNA-BindingGutsche, Nora; Zachgo, Sabine
13-Feb-2017Single molecule super-resolution imaging of proteins in living Salmonella enterica using self-labelling enzymesBarlag, Britta; Beutel, Oliver; Janning, Dennis; Czarniak, Frederik; Richter, Christian P.; Kommnick, Carina; Göser, Vera; Kurre, Rainer; Fabiani, Florian; Erhardt, Marc; Piehler, Jacob; Hensel, Michael
27-Mar-2017Interaction Analysis of a Two-Component System Using NanodiscsHörnschemeyer, Patrick; Liss, Viktoria; Heermann, Ralf; Jung, Kirsten; Hunke, Sabine
30-Apr-2018Architecture and mechanism of the late endosomal Rab7-like Ypt7 guanine nucleotide exchange factor complex Mon1–Ccz1Kiontke, Stephan; Langemeyer, Lars; Kuhlee, Anne; Schuback, Saskia; Raunser, Stefan; Ungermann, Christian; Kümmel, Daniel