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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Jun-2015Building change detection using high resolution remotely sensed data and GISSofina, Natalia
7-Dec-2011Risk management in semi-arid rangelands: Modelling adaptation to spatio-temporal heterogeneitiesJakoby, Oliver
30-Sep-2018A Methodological Framework to Initiate and Design Transition Governance ProcessesHalbe, Johannes; Pahl-Wostl, Claudia
24-Jun-2019Requirements Based Design of Environmental System of Systems: Development and Application of a Nexus Design FrameworkHeitmann, Fabian; Pahl-Wostl, Claudia; Engel, Stefanie
13-Feb-2019Genetic Incompatibilities Between Mitochondria and Nuclear Genes: Effect on Gene Flow and SpeciationTelschow, Arndt; Gadau, Jürgen; Werren, John H.; Kobayashi, Yutaka
3-Jul-2018Effects of Global Warming on Phytoplankton and its Biocontrol in Large Rivers: Insights from a Model AnalysisRuiz Albizuri, José Ricardo
13-Dec-2018Analysing the Role of Visions, Agency, and Niches in Historical Transitions in Watershed Management in the Lower Mississippi RiverVan der Voorn, Tom; Quist, Jaco
14-Oct-2019Model-based assessments of freshwater ecosystems and species under climate changeKärcher, Oskar
31-Mar-2020Mathematical models of social-ecological systems: Coupling human behavioural and environmental dynamicsSun, Tithnara Anthony
11-Nov-2020Environmental System-of-Systems Engineering for integrated Nexus design - Developing participatory approaches to design decision making processes in complex human-nature-technology systemsHeitmann, Fabian