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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Aug-2016Klinische Leitlinie: Diagnostik und Therapie der EssstörungenHerpetz, Stephan; Hagenah, Ulrich; Vocks, Silja; Wietersheim, Jörn von; Cuntz, Ulrich; Zeeck, Almut
11-Aug-2016Standardized mirror confrontation: Body-related emotions, cognitions and level of dissociation in patients with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder after childhood sexual abuseBorgmann, Elisabeth; Kleindienst, Nikolaus; Vocks, Silja; Dyer, Anna Sibilla
11-Aug-2016Internet-Based Motivation Program for Women With Eating Disorders: Eating Disorder Pathology and Depressive Mood Predict Dropoutvon Brachel, Ruth; Hötzel, Katrin; Hirschfeld, Gerrit; Rieger, Elizabeth; Schmidt, Ulrike; Kosfelder, Joachim; Hechler, Tanja; Schulte, Dietmar; Vocks, Silja
3-Apr-2018Meta-analysis of the effectiveness of psychological and medical treatments for binge-eating disorder (MetaBED): study protocolHilbert, Anja; Petroff, David; Herpertz, Stephan; Kersting, Anette; Pietrowsky, Reinhard; Tuschen-Caffier, Brunna; Vocks, Silja; Schmidt, Ricarda
1-Dec-2017Different Facets of Body Image Disturbance in Binge Eating Disorder: A ReviewLewer, Merle; Bauer, Anika; Hartmann, Andrea S.; Vocks, Silja
1-Dec-2017Familial transmission of a body-related attentional bias - An eye-tracking study in a nonclinical sample of female adolescents and their mothersBauer, Anika; Schneider, Silvia; Waldorf, Manuel; Adolph, Dirk; Vocks, Silja
3-Apr-2018Effects of a cognitive-behavioral exposurebased body image therapy for overweight females with binge eating disorder: a pilot studyLewer, Merle; Kosfelder, Joachim; Michalak, Johannes; Schröder, Dorothea; Nasrawi, Nadia; Vocks, Silja
10-May-2019Thin Media Images Decrease Women’s Body Satisfaction: Comparisons Between Veiled Muslim Women, Christian Women and Atheist Women Regarding Trait and State Body ImageWilhelm, Leonie; Hartmann, Andrea S.; Becker, Julia C.; Kisi, Melahat; Waldorf, Manuel; Vocks, Silja
15-Mar-2019Gender Differences in Body Evaluation: Do Men Show More Self-Serving Double Standards Than Women?Voges, Mona M.; Giabbiconi, Claire-Marie; Schöne, Benjamin; Waldorf, Manuel; Hartmann, Andrea; Vocks, Silja
14-May-2019Gender Differences in Affective and Evaluative Responses to Experimentally Induced Body Checking of Positively and Negatively Valenced Body PartsTanck, Julia A.; Vocks, Silja; Riesselmann, Bettina; Waldorf, Manuel