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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Jun-2019Sexism In Context - Its Perceived Likelihood, Collective Action Across Cultures, And Possible Relation To Priming EffectivenessFischer, Freyja Brigitte
11-Mar-2019SPIEGELPhilosophie. Ausgewählte Nachrichten, philosophisch buchstabiert, gelesen und vernetzt, dem SPIEGEL für meine Schulzeit 1949-1962 entlangLang, Martin
25-Feb-2019The Social Situation Affects How We Process Feedback About Our ActionsCzeszumski, Artur; Ehinger, Benedikt V.; Wahn, Basil; König, Peter
9-Jul-2019A new comprehensive eye-tracking test battery concurrently evaluating the Pupil Labs glasses and the EyeLink 1000Ehinger, Benedikt V.; Groß, Katharina; Ibs, Inga; König, Peter
6-Mar-2019Novel ERP Evidence for Processing Differences Between Negative and Positive Polarity Items in GermanLiu, Mingya; König, Peter; Mueller, Jutta L.
10-May-2019Thin Media Images Decrease Women’s Body Satisfaction: Comparisons Between Veiled Muslim Women, Christian Women and Atheist Women Regarding Trait and State Body ImageWilhelm, Leonie; Hartmann, Andrea S.; Becker, Julia C.; Kisi, Melahat; Waldorf, Manuel; Vocks, Silja
5-Apr-2019Eye tracking in virtual realityClay, Viviane; König, Peter; König, Sabine U.
15-Mar-2019Gender Differences in Body Evaluation: Do Men Show More Self-Serving Double Standards Than Women?Voges, Mona M.; Giabbiconi, Claire-Marie; Schöne, Benjamin; Waldorf, Manuel; Hartmann, Andrea; Vocks, Silja
23-May-2019Wild chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes troglodytes) exploit tortoises (Kinixys erosa) via percussive technologyPika, Simone; Klein, Harmonie; Bunel, Sarah; Baas, Pauline; Théleste, Erwan; Deschner, Tobias
14-May-2019Gender Differences in Affective and Evaluative Responses to Experimentally Induced Body Checking of Positively and Negatively Valenced Body PartsTanck, Julia A.; Vocks, Silja; Riesselmann, Bettina; Waldorf, Manuel