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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Jan-2018Prämigrationstraumata und Postmigrationsstressoren: Lebensbedingungen und psychische Gesundheit von AfghanInnen im eigenen Land und im ExilSteden, Sarah
8-May-2018Electrophysiological correlates of complex attentional selectionSchöne, Benjamin
19-Jan-2018The Configurational Perspective in Organizational Psychology: Fuzzy Sets for Novel InsightsMeier, Alexander
2-Feb-2018Qualität von Coaching-Weiterbildungen – Konstruktion und Güteprüfung eines MessmodellsRauen, Christopher
28-Feb-2018Modulating the Spatial Attention during Free Viewing Tasks: Eye-Tracking StudiesAfsari, Zaeinab
30-May-2018Change-Supportive Intentions in Complex Organizational Change Projects: Application and Extension of the Theory of Planned BehaviorStraatmann, Tammo
2-Mar-2018Making a Change through Responsibility - Examining Stakeholders’ Reactions to Responsible Change Management and Corporate Social ResponsibilityRothenhöfer, Lisa Maria
3-Apr-2018Meta-analysis of the effectiveness of psychological and medical treatments for binge-eating disorder (MetaBED): study protocolHilbert, Anja; Petroff, David; Herpertz, Stephan; Kersting, Anette; Pietrowsky, Reinhard; Tuschen-Caffier, Brunna; Vocks, Silja; Schmidt, Ricarda
2-May-2018An extensive dataset of eye movements during viewing of complex imagesWilming, Niklas; Onat, Selim; Ossandón, José P.; Acik, Alper; Kietzmann, Tim C.; Kaspar, Kai; Gameiro, Ricardo R.; Vormberg, Alexandra; König, Peter
9-Jan-2018Subliminal Face Emotion Processing: A Comparison of Fearful and Disgusted FacesKhalid, Shah; Ansorge, Ulrich