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6-Dez-2018Geo-localization Refinement of Optical Satellite Images by Embedding Synthetic Aperture Radar Data in Novel Deep Learning FrameworksMerkle, Nina Marie
23-Aug-2018Automated Performance Test Generation and Comparison for Complex Data Structures - Exemplified on High-Dimensional Spatio-Temporal IndicesMenninghaus, Mathias
3-Jul-2018Effects of Global Warming on Phytoplankton and its Biocontrol in Large Rivers: Insights from a Model AnalysisRuiz Albizuri, José Ricardo
28-Jun-2018On Partial Regularities and Monomial PreordersNguyen, Thi Van Anh
2-Mär-2018E_1 ring structures in Motivic Hermitian K-theoryLópez-Ávila, Alejo
28-Feb-2018Transparent Object Reconstruction and Registration Confidence Measures for 3D Point Clouds based on Data Inconsistency and Viewpoint AnalysisAlbrecht, Sven
19-Jan-2018Simulating carbon stocks and fluxes of the Amazon rainforest: a journey across temporal and spatial scalesRödig, Edna
7-Dez-2017On the reconstruction of multivariate exponential sumsvon der Ohe, Ulrich
27-Sep-2017Reliable General Purpose Sentiment Analysis of the Public Twitter StreamHaldenwang, Nils
13-Sep-2017Topics in Combinatorial Algebra: Algorithms & ComputationsSieg, Richard
24-Aug-2017Minimum Genus and Maximum Planar Subgraph: Exact Algorithms and General Limits of Approximation AlgorithmsHedtke, Ivo
17-Jul-2017Forest Fragmentation in Space and Time - New perspectives from remote sensing and forest modellingDantas de Paula, Mateus
15-Mai-2017Analyzing resource use decisions under global change by agent-based modelingDreßler, Gunnar
15-Mai-2017Plant-fungus interactions and their implications for nutrient cycling and biomass growth: Insights from modelling arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in a heterogeneous environmentKleinmann, Joachim Ulrich
20-Apr-2017Maschinelle Generierung von Empfehlungen zur Lehr-/Lernunterstützung im HochschulkontextEngelbert, Benedikt
17-Mär-2017Hierarchische hybride Planung für mobile RoboterStock, Sebastian
16-Mär-2017A Kačanov Type Iteration for the p-Poisson ProblemWank, Maximilian
7-Mär-2017Fusion of Stationary Monocular and Stereo Camera Technologies for Traffic Parameters EstimationAli, Syed Musharaf
27-Feb-2017Governance of Transformations towards Sustainable Water, Food and Energy Supply Systems - Facilitating Sustainability Innovations through Multi-Level Learning ProcessesHalbe, Johannes
21-Feb-2017Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Winter Wheat Leaf Area Index Assessment in Precision AgricultureSiegmann, Bastian