FB06 - E-Dissertationen [180]


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Nov-2019Combinatorial and algebraic properties of balanced simplicial complexesVenturello, Lorenzo
23-Oct-2019Behavioral Economics of Agri-Environmental PoliciesThomas, Fabian
14-Oct-2019Model-based assessments of freshwater ecosystems and species under climate changeKärcher, Oskar
2-Oct-20193D Building Model Reconstruction from Very High Resolution Satellite Stereo ImageryPartovi, Tahmineh
2-Oct-2019Remote Sensing of Forests: Analyzing Biomass Stocks, Changes and Variability with Empirical Data and SimulationsKnapp, Nikolai
20-Sep-2019Restricted L_infinity-algebrasHeine, Hadrian
26-Aug-2019Wie viel ist streng genug? Ein Verfahrensvorschlag zur Festlegung des "bestmöglichen ökologischen Zustands" für Zielabsenkungen nach Art. 4.5 der EG-Wasserrahmenrichtlinie unter Berücksichtigung struktureller, funktionaler und ökosystemleistungsrelevanter AspekteWolf, Christine
10-Jul-2019Water Ties: Towards a Relational Understanding of Water Governance Networks in Tanzania and EthiopiaStein, Christian
17-May-2019Limit theorems in preferential attachment random graphsBetken, Carina
25-Apr-2019Algorithms for Scalable On-line Machine Learning on Regression TasksSchoenke, Jan H.
16-Apr-2019Zusammenführen und Verfolgen von Zeiteigenschaften für eingebettete Systeme über heterogene ModelldomänenNoyer, Arne
15-Mar-2019A System Architecture for the Monitoring of Continuous Phenomena by Sensor Data StreamsLorkowski, Peter
6-Dec-2018Geo-localization Refinement of Optical Satellite Images by Embedding Synthetic Aperture Radar Data in Novel Deep Learning FrameworksMerkle, Nina Marie
23-Aug-2018Automated Performance Test Generation and Comparison for Complex Data Structures - Exemplified on High-Dimensional Spatio-Temporal IndicesMenninghaus, Mathias
3-Jul-2018Effects of Global Warming on Phytoplankton and its Biocontrol in Large Rivers: Insights from a Model AnalysisRuiz Albizuri, José Ricardo
28-Jun-2018On Partial Regularities and Monomial PreordersNguyen, Thi Van Anh
2-Mar-2018E_1 ring structures in Motivic Hermitian K-theoryLópez-Ávila, Alejo
28-Feb-2018Transparent Object Reconstruction and Registration Confidence Measures for 3D Point Clouds based on Data Inconsistency and Viewpoint AnalysisAlbrecht, Sven
19-Jan-2018Simulating carbon stocks and fluxes of the Amazon rainforest: a journey across temporal and spatial scalesRödig, Edna
7-Dec-2017On the reconstruction of multivariate exponential sumsvon der Ohe, Ulrich