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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-May-2018Performance similarities predict collective benefits in dyadic and triadic joint visual searchWahn, Basil; Czeszumski, Artur; König, Peter
2-May-2018Two Trackers Are Better than One: Information about the Co-actor’s Actions and Performance Scores Contribute to the Collective Benefit in a Joint Visuospatial TaskWahn, Basil; Kingstone, Alan; König, Peter
2-May-2018Auditory Stimulus Detection Partially Depends on Visuospatial Attentional ResourcesWahn, Basil; Murali, Supriya; Sinnett, Scott; König, Peter
11-Jan-2012Ist der Feind friedlich entfeindbar?Krejci, Jaroslav
11-Jan-2012Begegnungen zwischen Nachkommen von Uberlebenden und Nachkommen von Tätern des Holocaust: Wiederaufbau einer zerstörten sozialen BindungBar-On, Dan
5-Aug-2019Body Image as Well as Eating Disorder and Body Dysmorphic Disorder Symptoms in Heterosexual, Homosexual, and Bisexual WomenHenn, Alina T.; Taube, Christoph O.; Vocks, Silja; Hartmann, Andrea S.
9-Jul-2019Does ego depletion impair adaptive performance? A longitudinal analysisStasielowicz, Lukasz
24-Oct-2019Unfold : an integrated toolbox for overlapcorrection, non-linear modeling, andregression-based EEG analysisEhinger, Benedikt V.; Dimigen, Olaf
10-Jul-2019Learning of Spatial Properties of a Large-Scale Virtual City With an Interactive MapKönig, Sabine U.; Clay, Viviane; Nolte, Debora; Duesberg, Laura; Kuske, Nicolas; König, Peter
1-Nov-2019Moral Judgements on the Actions of Self-Driving Cars and Human Drivers in Dilemma Situations From Different PerspectivesKallioinen, Noa; Pershina, Maria; Zeiser, Jannik; Nezami, Farbod Nosrat; Pipa, Gordon; Stephan, Achim; König, Peter