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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Feb-2020When Push Comes to Shove—The Moral Fiction of Reason-Based Situational Control and the Embodied Nature of JudgmentBergmann, Lasse; Wagner, Jennifer
3-Mar-2020Visuocortical tuning to a threat-related feature persists after extinction and consolidation of conditioned fearAntov, Martin I.; Plog, Elena; Bierwirth, Philipp; Keil, Andreas; Stockhorst, Ursula
28-Feb-2020Hyperscanning: A Valid Method to Study Neural Inter-brain Underpinnings of Social InteractionCzeszumski, Artur; Eustergerling, Sara; Lang, Anne; Menrath, David; Gerstenberger, Michael; Schuberth, Susanne; Schreiber, Felix; Rendon, Zadkiel Zuluaga; König, Peter
3-Jun-2020An empirically derived recommendation for the classification of body dysmorphic disorder: Findings from structural equation modelingHartmann, Andrea Sabrina; Staufenbiel, Thomas; Bielefeld, Lukas; Buhlmann, Ulrike; Heinrichs, Nina; Martin, Alexandra; Ritter, Viktoria; Kollei, Ines; Grocholewski, Anja
18-Feb-2020Radicalization Through the Lens of Situated AffectivityHaq, Hina; Shaheed, Saad; Stephan, Achim
31-Jan-2020Fat-Phobic and Non-Fat-Phobic Anorexia Nervosa: A Conjoint Analysis on the Importance of Shape and WeightKorn, Julia; Vocks, Silja; Rollins, Lisa H.; Thomas, Jennifer J.; Hartmann, Andrea S.
15-Jul-2020How Abstract (Non-embodied) Linguistic Representations Augment Cognitive ControlKompa, Nikola A.; Mueller, Jutta L.
27-Feb-2020Personality, Stress, and Intuition: Emotion Regulation Abilities Moderate the Effect of Stress-Dependent Cortisol Increase on Coherence JudgmentsRadtke, Elise L.; Düsing, Rainer; Kuhl, Julius; Tops, Mattie; Quirin, Markus
6-May-2020The development of narrative skills in Turkish-speaking children: A complexity approachÖgel Balaban, Hale; Hohenberger, Annette
7-Apr-2020Friends or foes? How activists and non-activists perceive and evaluate each otherKutlaca, Maja; van Zomeren, Martijn; Epstude, Kai