Treelines—Approaches at Different Scales

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dc.creatorHoltmeier, Friedrich-Karl
dc.creatorBroll, Gabriele
dc.identifier.citationSustainability 2017, 9(5), 808, MDPI
dc.description.abstractScales in treeline research depend on the objectives and must match the underlying natural processes. Factors and processes at one scale may not be as important at another scale. In the global view, the number of factors influencing climatic treeline position can be reduced to the effects of heat deficiency. Emphasis, however, should be laid on differentiation of the treeline by their regionally and locally varying physiognomy, diversity, spatial and temporal features, and heterogeneity. An assessment of the relative importance of the factors shaping regional/local treeline physiognomy, spatial patterns, and dynamics should have priority. This can be achieved only by syndisciplinary research. Such studies are indispensable for assessing treeline response to climate change at the regional and landscape scales.eng
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dc.subjecttreeline heterogeinityeng
dc.subjectclimate changeeng
dc.subjecttreeline dynamicseng
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dc.subjecttreeline historyeng
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dc.titleTreelines—Approaches at Different Scaleseng
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