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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2017Familial transmission of a body-related attentional bias - An eye-tracking study in a nonclinical sample of female adolescents and their mothersBauer, Anika; Schneider, Silvia; Waldorf, Manuel; Adolph, Dirk; Vocks, Silja
3-Apr-2018Effects of a cognitive-behavioral exposurebased body image therapy for overweight females with binge eating disorder: a pilot studyLewer, Merle; Kosfelder, Joachim; Michalak, Johannes; Schröder, Dorothea; Nasrawi, Nadia; Vocks, Silja
5-Aug-2019Body Image as Well as Eating Disorder and Body Dysmorphic Disorder Symptoms in Heterosexual, Homosexual, and Bisexual WomenHenn, Alina T.; Taube, Christoph O.; Vocks, Silja; Hartmann, Andrea S.
31-Jan-2020Fat-Phobic and Non-Fat-Phobic Anorexia Nervosa: A Conjoint Analysis on the Importance of Shape and WeightKorn, Julia; Vocks, Silja; Rollins, Lisa H.; Thomas, Jennifer J.; Hartmann, Andrea S.
20-Dec-2019Is It Possible to Train the Focus on Positive and Negative Parts of One’s Own Body? A Pilot Randomized Controlled Study on Attentional Bias Modification TrainingEngel, Nicole; Waldorf, Manuel; Hartmann, Andrea; Voßbeck-Elsebusch, Anna; Vocks, Silja
17-Dec-2019Body Dissatisfaction, Importance of Appearance, and Body Appreciation in Men and Women Over the LifespanQuittkat, Hannah L.; Hartmann, Andrea S.; Düsing, Rainer; Buhlmann, Ulrike; Vocks, Silja
12-Sep-2020Faced with one’s fear: Attentional bias in anorexia nervosa and healthy individuals upon confrontation with an obese body stimulus in an eye-tracking paradigmHartmann, Andrea Sabrina; Borgers, Tiana; Thomas, Jennifer Joanne; Giabbiconi, Claire-Marie; Vocks, Silja
1-Dec-2020Development and initial psychometric evaluation of the Body Image Matrix of Thinness and Muscularity – Female BodiesSteinfeld, Beate; Hartmann, Andrea; Waldorf, Manuel; Vocks, Silja
9-Dec-2020Are there associations between religious affiliation and drive for muscularity? A cross-sectional survey of young Muslim women, Christian women and atheist women from GermanyWilhelm, Leonie; Hartmann, Andrea S.; Becker, Julia C.; Waldorf, Manuel; Vocks, Silja