Resultants: A Tool for Chow Varieties

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Title: Resultants: A Tool for Chow Varieties
Other Titles: Resultanten: Ein Werkzeug zum Umgang mit Chow Varietäten
Authors: Plümer, Judith
Thesis advisor: PD Dr. Roland Schwänzl
Thesis referee: Prof. Dr. Rainer Vogt
Prof. Dr. Paulo Lima-Filho
Abstract: The Chow/Van der Waerden approach to algebraic cycles via resultants is elaborated and used to give a purely algebraic proof for the algebraicity of the complex suspension over arbitrary fields. The algebraicity of the join pairing on Chow varieties then follows over the complex numbers. The approach implies a more algebraic proof of Lawson´s complex suspension theorem in characteristic 0. The continuity of the action of the linear isometries operad on the group completion of the stable Chow variety is a consequence. Further Hoyt´s proof of the independence of the algebraic-continuous homeomorphism type of Chow varieties on embeddings is rectified and worked out over arbitrary fields.
Subject Keywords: Chow variety; resultant; join pairing; infinite loop spaces
Issue Date: 15-Sep-2000
Type of publication: Dissertation oder Habilitation [doctoralThesis]
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